SCGs and SMPWI for Pool Cleaning

Maintenance of pools have brought forth innovations that are beneficial to its end users. There are three more known treatments for pool tile cleaning being practiced by people. These are SCGs (Salt Chlorine Generators); and SMPWI (Solar Metal Pool Water Ionization) treatments.   

SCGs (Salt Chlorine Generators) 

SCGs are inline devices. They are installed in pipes right after filters. They run electric current through water that is salted. This extracts chlorine from the humble sodium chloride. If you don’t know what this is, it’s the indispensable ingredient in cooking- salt. This kind of treatment/generator believes on safety. We no longer have the threat to handle chemicals that can potentially bring danger to us. Also, it automates pool maintenance tasks; leaving you with lesser workload.   

There are two types of SCGs in the market. The first one is the type that requires you to pour salt directly to the swimming pool. You may be apprehensive in this type for you think you’ll pour large amounts of salt, but with the right instructions, salt level will still be low. In fact, it’ll be so low that you wouldn’t be able to identify briny taste. The second one is the type that continually discharges small amounts of chlorine into the pool water. The reason behind this mechanism is to reach effective and safe levels for a pool. Little did this generator know, the combination will lead to a decrease of chlorine. This causes irritation of eyes and skin. 

Regardless of its type, all SCGs need to be paired with chlorine shock as additional treatment once a while. This pairing seems to be complementary as you no longer have to apply chlorine all by yourself. All you need to do is to push the button of the generator and allow it to shock the water.  


SMPWI (Solar Metal Pool Water Ionization) treatment 

In recent ionization treatments, very low-voltage electric current is utilized to inject tiny metals into the pool water. Most of these metals are copper. But sometimes, they can be synthetic compounds or silver. This treatment is noteworthy because it destroys algae and bacteria with the use of ions found in the tiny metals. In addition, the most common units are the ones that harness solar energy to administer current.  Hence, this modern treatment is widely known as SMPWI (Solar Metal Pool Water Ionization).

Older devices are now experiencing a decrease in popularity as cleaning experts perceive them to be dangerous as they release unsafe amounts of copper into the pool waters. To further add injury, imagine that these devices are used in old pools which were plumbed with pipes made of copper. The copper released by ionization device plus the pipes spell trouble for pool users. Even if it kills algae, which is a pool enemy, copper turns blonde hair into light green.     

For the ionization to be fully effective, run the unit from four to eight hours. The goal here is to keep the ions in the pool water for a week or two to kill the bacteria.  


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